Each batch is specially designed to give an advantage to the students preparing towards a certain goal, be it Boards/JEE/CET/Neet or Olympiads. We take their learning to the next level with a holistic and personalized approach. The ultimate objective of each course is to help students grasp the core fundamentals and have enough practice so that they can get comfortable and competent in the respective subject materials. Each course initially begins with a fundamental study of the syllabus and a goal-setting approach, which gives students an opportunity to break out from their mental shell and start acquiring the very minute skills imperative for an overall sound preparation. And again with machephy, it’s not just the exam that we prepare the students for, with our IMPROVE and personal COACHING we help them see things that might have been invisible for them till now. in short, we prepare them for a bigger and never-ending exam called LIFE.

machephy course details