Machephy eduworld

why us?

In a time when you can find educational institutes around every nook and corner why bother about another one which deal with the same thing?
Well, it’s because here at MCP Eduworld we offer something very unique to our students, that sticks with them even they are not in a classroom.

Excellent Faculty

Excellent Guidance provided by veterans(IITian/NITians) with years of experience. so that you don’t have to worry about the quality of teaching.

Personalized learning

We provide what is required at the utmost priority. Personalized learning. Get your planner curated by us, but to be executed at your own pace.Learning is supposed to be enjoyed not forced.

Backup & Doubt Classes

So you missed a few lectures due to some unavoidable commitments. No need to worry!! We will schedule backup classes accordingly so that your learning is not hampered in any way. 

Day to Day Mentorship

Having troubles finding the right strategy for your daily self study hours, we will help you out with our experience, so that you can maximize the output of your efforts effortlessly.

Well Paced Learning!!

Not too fast, Not too slow. you will be given learning materials and homework in a way that takes the most of your efforts. So that the ‘hour of panic’ doesn’t come in your way.

Learning Supplements

If you feel your classroom learning is not enough, you can always hop in to our online learning material gallery to add up your understanding quotient. Both Motivational and Academic.

Who are we??

With a mission to provide affordable coaching and mentorship to students according to their personal needs and learning curve, we at MCP eduworld strive towards bringing an analytical acumen in students, by providing them the rigor in the learning material and then helping them achieving their day to day academic tasks with ease.

Learning Addons!!

Apart from the regular classroom experience, you will be provided comprehensive video lectures on core subjects and motivational content from the real life experience of the faculty to complement your learnings!!
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Comprehensive classroom experience.

Notice the difference in the way you learn when in the MCP classroom. With the subtle changes in the content delivery strategy we make sure every student is the class gets the grasp of every concept in the most comprehensive manner. 

It’s all about learning!!!


Meet us!!

You have been searching for a go-to place for all your academic needs, you have been to many places and it’s still not enough. Meet us at this location. We will take care of the rest. 

Demo Lectures??? we have you covered!!