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In 2008, we started teaching as a profession. But after some time, we realized that teaching is not an ordinary profession. As teachers, we shape our society academically.

When we were teaching in reputed institutes, we faced a lot of problems. Although we were paid a handsome salary, out of a class of 50 or 60 students, only five or six did well in their examinations.

We as teachers could not understand this situation at first, but after some time we realized that we were only teaching; we did not tell them how to solve their homework, we did not tell them how to plan their studies, we did not tell them how to manage their time during the examination, and last but not least, we did not tell them how to control their emotions during the examinations.

We saw several cases where students who were above average but did not perform well later became discouraged and struggled a lot.

These students grasped every point in the class and their comprehension level was very good, but they could not perform in the exam and could not even complete the homework on time.

Most of the students work hard but they don’t do time bound study because there is no such concept in mainstream coaching institutes. They have to answer 90 questions in 180 minutes in the final exam, but they have no roadmap and no one tells them how to improve their speed and accuracy. The faculties in these classes come and teach them just for the sake of it with little interaction. Few students ask doubts because few of them know how to plan for the exam with a proper strategy.

This is the reason, in IIT-JEE MAIN, out of 13 lakh students, only 1.5 lakh students are able to clear the exam or we can say able to score a mere twenty percent.

After working in this field for about four to five years, we realized that though we are getting a good salary but still we are not helping the students. In the institute, the marketing teams do their job by showing dreams to pass the IIT-JEE Main. They do it only to increase the number of admissions in the classes. We as teachers also faced a lot of problems because the students who were not made for this kind of competitions were also pushed into these classes just because of the marketing strategies of the coaching classes. Every student has unique talent and skills and they need to be supported accordingly.

This is what made us start our venture, Machephy Eduworld.

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