Vision & Mission

Machephy Eduworld is not a topper-oriented institute. We work with all types of students to help them achieve their unique goals.
To achieve this at Machephy Eduworld, we follow values like perseverance, self-discipline, patience, commitment and integrity.


The vision behind starting Machephy Eduworld is to help all kinds of students preparing for IIT JEE, boards, NEET, scholastics and any other examination to achieve their goals. We conduct a one-on-one session with students and select them for the preferred course based on their skills, talent and their marks.


The mission of Machephy Eduworld is to help students grow holistically. Not only do we teach classes, but we also help them plan self-study on a daily and weekly basis. We want them to have a sharp focus in their assignments and exams, so we have a dedicated time for meditation before each class. We have also started the formula test after every class which helps them remember all the formulas and tricks.

Don’t miss the crucial years to build
your child’s educational foundation.

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